Make assertive decisions based on facts, automate your routines and processes generating less losses and expenses, save time!

With Automec

With our management solution Automec, you’ll organize all the processes of your store: Inventory; Managerial; Financial; Logistics and Sales.

All that in one integrated system, assisting in the decision making and commercial strategies.

Automec can be used in a local network, on desktop or on the mobile version on tablets or smartphones.

Make decisions with quickness, safety and flexibility.

Solutions that solve your problems

We have the complete management tool with functions developed to attend to your needs. Our differentials:
sistema para melhorar as vendas de lojas de material de construção e madeireira

improving sales

Budget • Order • Self-Service (PoS) • Management of Costumer Base • Price Formation • Inclusion of Products or Direct Sale • Returns • Exchanges and Exchanges due to faults • Control of sales commissions • Loyalty Card • Multi-deposits and Multi-company*

*Requires Multi-company license.

efficiency at the cashier

Control Box • Control of withdrawal and supply • Electronic Funds Transfer (TEF) • Contingency Mode • Conciliation of sales of credit and debit cards

agilidade no caixa para lojas de material de construção e madeireira
facilidade na entrada de mercadorias para lojas de material de construção e madeireira

easiness with the goods receipt

Declaration of Import • Import of Electronic Documents (NF-e and CT-e) • Download of XML

assertiveness in the expedition

Control of pending issues for delivery • Cargo Assembly • Delivery routes and routing • Return Control • Geolocation of vehicles

expedição para lojas de material de construção e madeireira
gestão financeira contas a pagar para lojas de material de construção e madeireira

easy and complete financial management

Client’s financial statement • Credit analysis and limit control • Bank Reconciliation • Check Control • Commission Management • Cash Flow Management • Spending Program • Financial Reports • Emission of bank slip (Barcode) • Chart of Accounts • Cost Centers • Management of the card retention rate

convenience in handling invoices

Emission and transmission SEFAZ — NF-e — NFC-e —SAT • Fast invoice • Grouping of multiple open orders in a single invoice

gestão de notas fiscais para lojas de material de construção e madeireira
gestão e cotação de compras para lojas de material de construção e madeireira

quotation and purchases centralized

Quotation of prices • Purchase order • Centralized Purchase Management • Batch Control • Multiple Purchases and Sales • Conference between requested and received products • Importation costs

managerial reports


ABC Curve
DRE Report
Active Clients
Supplier Classification
Sales Analysis
Sales Forecast


Most Profitable
Analysis of group/subgroup of products


Sale per period:
date, weekday and hours
Average Ticket
Sales Map

We have the system that you seek to organize and increase your company’s sales!

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