Combine the power of the analysis of managerial data with the mobile technology to maximize your business expertise and make more assertive decisions, in real-time.

Have complete control in a screen, at the palm of your hand!

The new Pontual mobile consists in a tool designed specially so that the entrepreneur has more control and mobility in their commercial routine through the smartphone or tablet, in order to facilitate the sales.

Increase the efficiency and reduce the bureaucracy for your client’s outside sales force. Invest in a personalized solution that enables a more effective management for each of them.

Offer an external sales app with:

App Pontual - aplicativo para lojas de material de construção e madeireira

online order generation

payment terms

each salesperson can only see their clients

block of sales with zeroed inventory (optional)

synchronizing order status

sharing orders/quotes in PDF

financial per user account

sellers’ commissions

criação de campos personalizados nas tabelas de produtos x clientes

cadastrar cliente via app

transforme orçamento em pedido

campos de observação e prazo de entrega no pedido

histórico de vendas do aplicativo

Have our team by your side during the whole process (which can be done in a few hours!)

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