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It is not just software users who love reports, especially when they are beautiful, well structured and filled with graphics, but what matters most is having a tool with relevant and reliable informations in order to intelligently analyze your business and assemble a strategy to analyze your business and which measures to make it grow.

Pontual offers this resource through BI with a Dashboard to visualize these data within seconds. With BI Pontual, you have the arrangement of graphs that help you determine which result parameters and variables you need to analyze in order to understand your business from the inside out and the necessary informations to present on leadership meetings.

Business Intelligence is a collection of measures, in combination with technologies, that are implemented in order to assist and organize informations that may be used strategically in your store.

This process involves collection, organization and analysis of data, preparation of reports or dashboards for monitoring and updating. So that you can look at a screen and in 5 seconds have the complete overview of the company, having the ability to make an intelligent business decision, based on data.

Get to know the great advantages of our BI:

bi sistema inteligência de mercado para lojas de material de construção e madeireira

performance measurement

Business Intelligence makes it so that your management decisions are monitored, comparing the obtained result with every action taken.

monitoring of revenue and expenses

It is possible to identify losses and costs, maximizing the profits with the informations collected.

anticipation of errors

Instead of basing your decision-making on intuitions or expectations, you can employ your efforts on concrete studies.

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