What are performance indicators?

Performance indicators are essential management tools for measuring a store’s results. With them it is possible to monitor whether goals set in your cash-flow are being achieved and what is the percentage of improvement or worsening with respect to past financial indicators. What are performance indicators for? To sum up, in order to improve it...
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Logistics Planning

The logistical planning is grounded in three fundamental decision points: location of the installations, transports and inventories. They are interconnected and converge to three objectives in which the actions of planning, organization and control will be managed: – Location of the Installations: the decisions about the physical structure must be focused on customer care, as...
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The Cornerstones of People Management

People Management is the collection of strategies employed by companies to develop their human capital. Human Resources actions are exercised since the attraction of the best professionals possible and include their development, retention and motivation to carry out their functions. 1º Cornerstone: Motivation 2º Cornerstone: Communication Process 3º Cornerstone: Team Work 4º Cornerstone: Knowledge and...
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