Our management system Automec allows you to control your business integrating, accompanying your results and optimizing your clients’ experience.


Filter the most important informations and speed up your store’s decision making with the Business Intelligence and have the control of your business in the palm of your hand!


Automec Mobile involves the sale of products giving the salesperson more mobility to serve the client in-store.


We offer technical, preventive and corrective maintenance of your equipments. Installation and configuration of your server with the Windows or Linux systems.


We provide diagnoses and consultancy, identifying your needs, offering solutions and actions building a personalized project of your business.


Face-to-face and online training of the Automec Management System for you and your business collaborators, helping in the daily tasks with the use of our tools.
About Us

We are specialists in management systems for construction material stores and lumber companies

100% focused in retail of construction material, our purpose is to help you optimize the shopping experience of your clients, automate your business and increase its rentability.

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Who Trusts Pontual

Being an Entrepreneur in Brazil is not an easy task nowadays.
We need qualified and integrated collaborators, and most importantly a good management in the performance indicators.
I’m an entrepreneur in the sales field since 2010 and ever since the first mouse click in my store I already counted on Pontual Tecnologia.
A system that is light, intuitive and precise in the numbers.
I also count on the support team and the field technicians always at my beck and call. I trust Pontual Tecnologia to move forward together and in 2020 we will make a difference.

Disensa RJ - client since 2012
Do you want to speed up the sales of your store and have a quality service?

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